Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Westchester's Corn Valley Pad Site

So, where's the BIG BOY Rig?

Is that a Plume Floating Above the Barbed Wire Fence???
This Looks Very Nice. Just in Time for Halloween.


  1. 210 West Camp Wisdom Road between Carrier Parkway and Robinson Road. You can't miss it. There's a sign on the Westchester Church's property that says, "NO DUMPING."

  2. And to be clear...the Westchester Church (WC) owns this property. They've held services in the movie theatre on Westchester since 2003.

    WC owns 17 acres in south Grand Prairie, and continues to seek God’s leading and timing in how we can use that property to glorify Him.

    Our focus remains constant... to forcefully advance God’s kingdom, and to invite people to discover, develop, and display genuine devotion to Jesus Christ. [emphasis added.]

    Surely Jesus Christ would not have wished this on anyone.


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