Monday, February 14, 2011


From the January 18, 2011 City Council Hearing and Debate on the Gas Drilling Ordinance:
"Council Member Mark Hepworth said he heard Mr. Cummings use a word when he equated gas drilling to heavy industry and asked what heavy industry is. He said he had asked the City Planner what constitutes heavy industry in Grand Prairie and was told that the only business that was heavy industry is a salvage yard and the setback for salvage yards is 25-50’ and if toxic chemicals were present there is a 300’ required setback. Gas drilling is a temporary one."

Toxic emissions are NOT, I repeat NOT temporary.  They are an ongoing ISSUE in the Barnett Shale and anywhere that shale gas drilling and production are being conducted.  They are not always visible to the naked eye.

Tours of Dish, Texas or Argyle, Texas  are excellent starting points.  Shale Gas Alley.  It's tragic.  You won't hear this suggestion from the numerous shale gas operators doing business in Grand Prairie. But you are hearing it from Citizens of Grand Prairie, TX.  Thank you.

And just a reminder of the TOXIC Emissions that are
NOT Temporary

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