Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When a Tornado Hits a Drilling Site

Cactus Rig 117 Canadian County, Oklahoma. 
Tornado Aftermath. Picture courtesy Derrick Brown.

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May 24, 2011

Injuries reported when storm hits Oklahoma oil rig
Associated Press

EL RENO — An El Reno official says 20 workers at an oil and gas rig were hurt when a possible tornado moved through the area.

Community Services Director Terry Floyd also said Tuesday that the storm did extensive damage to the rig, as well as a Devon Energy production plant and a metal business.

Floyd said he didn't know the extent of the workers' injuries at the rig owned by Cactus Drilling. Emergency workers also contained a gas leak caused by damage to the plant, and damage was reported to Calumet Industries, a metal business.

Floyd also says officials closed Highway 66 between El Reno and Calumet until emergency personnel could evaluate conditions. Interstate 40 was closed but was reopened.

The medical examiner's office has confirmed four fatalities in Canadian County.

* Thanks to Arlington resident, Kim Feil, for sharing this story with us.


  1. does any one know if ron harold was on this rig???? could u please email me at

  2. Hi,

    The link to the story is to a blog that you can join. Looks like there are lots of industry people there who might be able to help. Here's the link.

    Also, maybe you should contact Cactus Drilling for more information. Click on the link below.

    Cactus Drilling

    Good Luck.


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