Monday, August 01, 2011

Not Sure

We're very glad to see that our Grand Prairie City Council is apparently going to view the 60-Minutes Video about shale gas drilling (featuring Tim and Christine Ruggiero) during their Pre-Council Meeting at 4:30 PM Tuesday.

We were also very happy to see some of the City Councilmen and  the Councilwoman at the Betty Warmack Library Saturday morning for a public discussion of the proposed redistricting map.  

Lots of references to "one man, one vote."   No references to "one woman, one vote," or even, "one person, one vote." And numerous references to how "diverse" our city is.  But no references to how our City Council is not diverse at all And no. Neither our current representative, Ron Jensen, nor our proposed representative, Bill Thorn, were present.  We understand. We don't like to miss our Saturday morning toons, either. 

So, some of us are headed to Dallas  City Hall Tuesday night to warn the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force about going down this yellow brick road

Yee Haw. 

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