Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arlington, TX: Feel Safe or Maybe Not

Drum Roll Please...

Introducing the Arlington, TX  
(Click Here) Community Development & Planning Department
Guiding Arlington's Development
Gas Drilling and Production in the 
Barnett Shale 

Ambitious, High Achievers Are Promoted Quickly

August 2011 Contact Information

(Click Here) to view a City of Arlington Gas Well Inspection Report 
See Page 119 for the CONTACT Info (Above)

Harold Sutton and his Team were clearly very busy in the HOT, dry month of August, 2011.  Be sure to click on the link above to view ALL the Inspection Reports for ALL the Gas Operators doing business in Arlington.  There are a lot of them.  And there are clearly a lot of issues.  But not to worry.

The primary violation on most of them is "No fire extinguisher on site."  Oh, and N/ASounds good, even though many of the pictures show what appear to be a ton of violations. Oh, well.

Then there's this one ~ Chesapeake's Pruett Site at 2000 South Watson Road (Page 92 of the Inspection Report) *with labels and colors added for emphasis*

Clearly, Harold Sutton is a very smart Gas Well Inspector/Former Streetscape Inspector. He knows that being anywhere near a FRAC job is not advisable. Feel safe, Arlington.  Yee Haw.

Welcome to Arlington, TX


  1. I don't blame the guy for not wanting to be around a frac job. But what about us poor schmucks who have to be around frac jobs because they are fracking by our homes??

  2. Anon at 2:17 PM: Exactly. There is such a weird disconnect. So sad that money (or the love of it) has taken hold of so many hearts and minds. Thanks for stopping by.


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