Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Environmental Politics Defined *Updated*

Paul Templet, the former state Environmental Services Agency Director in Louisiana discusses the BIG PICTURE.

The video is a little over 14 minutes that is worth every second of your time. Please watch it and see how we really are in a state of denial in Texas. Mr. Templet paints the picture very clearly. He has a lot to say about ALL of it. 

Thank you, Mr. Templet.

*Important Highlights from the Video*

1) 25,000 more well-paying, permanent jobs can be created from regulation of the Oil and Gas Industry;

2) States with good environments have better economies;

3) In most cases, the gas operators costs for disposal of the waste from drilling operations is not  included in the costs for drilling and fracking;

4) Quality of public officials declines with rise in political interference because the Oil and Gas Industry is pulling the strings;

5) Difficult, at best, to get any regulation of drilling operations (specifically the shale gas industry) from state legislatures (including Texas) due to the influence of money;

6) Bribes may not appear as "bribes" but clearly are ~ for example: an industry representative may offer use of a hunting lodge to a regulatory agency director ~ Truth is:  It's NOT illegal for the Industry to offer.

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