Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Exceptional Maternity Care

Or So the Sign Says Right Alongside a Drilling Rig
FYI: Click Here and Breathe Carefully.

The area is surrounded by shale gas drilling and fracking.
Actually, we believe this billboard would serve the community better by stating:

"Get yourself and your baby out of here. Now."


  1. Wow. Talk about a mixed message.

  2. Another drill pad site was just approved last night at the Arlington City Council Meeting (3-4). It can be found a short distance from the one shown in this blog picture by travelling a short distance down Highway 287 until you reach Eden Road. It is called the Overcoming Faith Drill Site. More can be found here:


    Living on the shale does require one to exercise continual faith. I pray every day that these chemicals won't kill me or my family.


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