Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Rally in Washington, D.C. Saturday, July 28, 2012

Livestreaming via UStream: The Rally Live 
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Click here to watch the rest of the story. It explains a lot.


  1. For the first day of the Olympics and the Epic Heat in the northeast...this is an amazing crowd in Washington, D.C.

  2. Australian spoke and said 20,000 Australians rallied recently. Great speaker.

  3. Pittsburgh, PA banned fracking. The speaker is criticizing their Mayor for telling the community that they were prepared for a well fire!! That apparently didn't over so well with everyone so they voted to ban it.

  4. Check back if the Livestream goes offline...this is raw videotaping with some glitches. Too bad C-Span isn't covering it. But this is the beginning of a full summer of rallies.

  5. Wow. It's a very LARGE and peaceful crowd when you see them walking for blocks and blocks.

  6. What an incredible example of democracy in action.

  7. The protesters marched to the American Petroleum Institute offices and "symbolically" toppled a drilling rig. Apparently, the American Petroleum Institute had a party last weekend for politicians and media in Washington, D.C. They reportedly served "frackatinis."

    Money Alert!! $$$$$$ Lots of cash sure does the trick with influencing whether the media covers something. National media wants that Big Oil and Gas Money that's pouring in...the industry television ads run non-stop on the news outlets, we're sure you noticed.

    Meanwhile, back here in D/FW 4,000 people showed up yesterday (Saturday) in Irving, TX to audition for "The Voice." Let's all just not worry and be happy. Amen.


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