Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TX State Senator Kelly Hancock says, "Wow! It's a Liberal Runaway Train!"

Kelly Hancock, Grand Prairie and Westchester's Republican representative in the Texas Senate (at least portions of it) (District 9) (see the map below) is apparently alright with some name calling with the "L" word.

A road collapsing very near or in Mr. Hancock's district (hard to know by looking at the configuration of the weirdly-drawn Republican district) inspires him to criticize those who dare discuss this bad news.  

So, Mr. Hancock, we say, "Wow." We think our "Wow" makes more sense since we thought your job was to make Texas laws to protect us from infrastructure failures.  

Once again, "WOW!"


  1. I like my roads, bridges and DAMS to be safe. I guess I must be a LIBERAL! Are you?

  2. All it will take is a few more cases of eminent domain and Mr Hancock will learn that this is not just a liberal issue.


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