Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Barnett Shale Land Farm


  1. I believe we have some of these lovely "farms" very near us. Right, Chris?

  2. It hurts to watch this video because our land is a precious resource which must be tended and cared for properly.

    A few years ago a Chesapeake representative told our community during a large meeting held at our local library branch that farmers love this drilling mud because it makes great fertilizer for their crops. Where were our City leaders that night? Perhaps they out on the town celebrating all that bonus money.

    1. Thank you, Fish Creek Neighbor. It's been a long slog for so many directly impacted by all of this. Sad, that so many are still unaware of most of it. But I guess that's why we're here. Thank you for your stories. How many more are there in North Texas that are untold? Well, let's not think about that. We'll just put on our Scarlett O'Hara curtains and think about that tomorrow. And maybe we'll give a damn one more day. :-)


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