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Update as of April 19, 2011

We count 12 (Twelve) New Shale Gas Drilling Applications Submitted to Jim Cummings and Cindy Mendez Environmental Services from the RRC.

Looks as if it's back to Business-as-Usual in the Gas Patch. Yee Haw!

Howell Pad Site: 14 additional gas wells approved for the Howell Pad Site, 2910 Sherman; near Great Southwest & Abrams on 9/29/10;. No P&Z Review, No Public Hearing, No Public Notice. The Grand Prairie Gas Drilling Ordinance is under review. Note: See if you can find the "Permit Spreadsheet" on the City of GP Web site. It shouldn't be this hard.

Corn Valley A Pad Site:  Permit (1H) API # 113-30195 changed as of 10/21/2010. Texas Railroad Commission says there are "Problems" with Chesapeake's Permit.  See the "Problem Letter."

Wow. Stop the Drilling!  Another change to the Permit as of 4:36 PM on Friday, October 29, 2010. API# Verification??

Update: Drilling commenced 10/31/10 on Corn Valley's Well 1H "Permit Approved" 11/03/10. So, "Permits" literally mean "Nothing"? Yay, Team!!

Update 11.10.2010:  We hear from neighbors in Westchester Valley (and closest to the Corn Valley Pad Site) that the grinding and screeching of the drilling of this first well is only happening at night. We think that's strange since we've been told that drilling is always 24/7.  It just gets curiouser and curiouser.  And harder and harder to sleep at night.

Update 11.25.10:  The rig came down yesterday around 4:00 PM. The day before Thanksgiving. The rig is only needed during drilling. So, it's gone for now. But not forgotten.

Chesapeake seems to drill on Sundays and takes down rigs on or right before Holidays. But just to explain it ~ the rig is only needed during drilling. Well 1H took 25 days to drill. This rig was probably needed elsewhere right away. We hear that fracking this well won't happen until after the 1st of the year.

I guess we can breathe a little easier for a month or so. Based on what's happened so far, we expect FRACking to commence on New Year's Day or later. (Probably won't begin on the 1st or anywhere near that date since there's a potential Rule 37 Waiver Hearing in Austin coming up.) Hopefully, we'll stop the whole Fracking thing.

Update I: Just learned at 4:30 PM today (11.29.10) of a Rule 37 Waiver for Corn Valley A ~ Well 1H. Stay tuned...

Update II: Oh, those stubborn neighbors over in Trailwood who will not lease their minerals! The crazy direction of the well bore (as viewed on the permit's plat) looks like the drillers had one too many cocktails on their drilling breaks.

New Nonprofit: Mothers Against Drunk Drillers.