Petition & Our Prayer

Our petition is for a moratorium on "all" gas shale gas drilling activities for new and old gas shale gas well permits presented to the City of Grand Prairie by the Texas Railroad Commission.

Gas Shale gas drilling "activities" include construction of pipelines, storage tanks, compressor stations, in other words ~ ALL activities related to the mining, production and selling of natural shale gas commencing from our community.

We are not an "industrial zone." If we are, then so designate us as one.

Sign the Petition MORATORIUM: Petitioning the City of Grand Prairie, TX. Fill out the form completely. Sign It. Mail It. Immediately!!

P.O. Box 540004, Grand Prairie, Texas 75054. 
E-Mail: westchesterneighbor (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.  
Important: This Petition is for all homeowners no matter where you live in Grand Prairie, Texas!

Update:  Petitions were presented to the Grand Prairie City Council on November 18, 2010.  A Moratorium was achieved for 2 months while the Gas Drilling Ordinance was updated.  It was a minor victory in the long run. As of this date ~ December 31, 2012, we still do not have an SUP (Specific Use Permit) requiring a public hearing for all gas drilling permit requests before the Planning & Zoning Commission of Grand Prairie, TX. We were baffled for a very long time as to why this was not put in place when Arlington and Dallas have the SUP. We think we know, now. It's not all that surprising based on the entire history of gas drilling in Grand Prairie. Amen.

Another Update (4.7.13):  Holy Cow!  It has taken us awhile, but we recently discovered that an SUP (Specific Use Permit) for Gas Drilling can be the worst thing that can happen to a municipality depending upon how it's spelled out. Read all about it here. It's sad. Very sad that the Mayor of Arlington, TX who just so happens to be a medical doctor, was "Absent" for that crucial vote that changed the City of Arlington, TX  forever.  Amen.

Update: 5.8.18.  This particular "The Prayer" YouTube video is no longer available. We are grateful that our prayers were answered ~ so maybe this video is being used elsewhere. Amen.