Our City Council

Update:  Unfortunately, we spoke too soon.  And then there was August 21, 2012.   The Pipeline decision that we fought so hard to stop...was signed, sealed and delivered. As 2012 comes to a close we are very disappointed.

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July 8, 2012

Let's just make this a quick update.  Our Grand Prairie, TX City Council did listen to us this year.  For that, we are grateful. Amen.  More later...  (See above update.) 


July 19, 2011

We're just not sure what all the hoopla was about tonight. We heard that the meeting was changed to 5:30 PM so everyone could go and see Dolly Partin's concert.  Do people really go to Dolly Partin concerts?  Well, that was the rumor. 

Anywho, there was to be a vote on doing away with ALL term limits for the boards and commissions. What in the world were they thinking? Is this like some new strategic plan or innovative idea for municipal governance?

Or was this a City Council and City Staff experiencing the ill effects of all these days of 100 degree temps? Who knows?  Several council members and staff sure looked like the heat had taken a toll.

Tabling it all for another day...is the perfect strategy for getting to do it all over again in 2 weeks.  Tabling items that bring out the crowds is great strategy for more citizen involvement, too.  

There were a lot of people there this afternoon! Still not sure what that was all about.  Maybe it was just a text message that had one too many typos.  We hope Dolly Partin got everybody all cheered up, tonight!  And ready for the next round...Yay, Dolly!!


Update and Observation about Mayor England's Comments (February 15, 2011)

It's just interesting that Grand Prairie's leadership seems reluctant to have stronger citizen involvement in the decisions that are made about shale gas drilling. There are Specific Use Permits for less dangerous matters that are brought to the Planning and Zoning Commission. This Westchester Neighbor just thinks this "reluctance" is simply an unwillingness to recognize the changes that have occurred in Grand Prairie. This City has changed.

During the Final Comments before the vote was taken on the Lake Parks Padsite this past Tuesday night (February 15, 2011)...Mayor England made quite a statement about there being no need for a Gas Drilling Citizen Advisory Commission because it was up to the City Council and the City Manager to run the City.  OK.  But it's really not like the citizens are asking to take over the roles of the City Council or the City Staff. Not at all. So, we're just not clear what that's all about...we're just seeking more education, interaction and involvement for everyone in the community. That's all.


Click here to view the October 19, 2010 Grand Prairie City Council Agenda.

Finally, it was posted this morning (October 18, 2010). The Web site was down over the weekend.

From the Agenda:

In accordance with Chapter 551, Subchapter C of the Government Code, V.T.C.A, the City Council Briefing Session agenda was prepared and posted October 15, 2010.

We had been told over two months ago that October 19th would be the date for a Public Hearing on changes to the GP Gas Drilling Ordinance.

We're relieved to know that it's not on the agenda since we think it's a huge task to attempt to "fix" the Ordinance so soon after the October 1st deadline for suggestions. However, time is of the essence, and new Gas Drilling "Permits" could be submitted to the Texas Railroad Commission for approval while we are waiting for the new ordinance. There were a lot of suggestions submitted.

If you plan to attend Tuesday night's meeting, you may wish to go to the early session beginning at 4:30 in Council Chambers.

Or the regular session begins at 6:30 PM. If you would like to make a "Citizen Comment," about gas drilling or anything else on your mind, you should be there earlier than 6:30 to fill out a "Speaker's Card."

Citizen Comments come at the "End" of the meeting. We think they should come at the "Beginning." But that's another discussion for another day.