Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy FRACking New Year!

Campbell 3H
API #113-30190

Drill October 7, 2010 
FRAC January 15, 2011

3900 Robinson Road
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

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in Grand Prairie, TX  
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Grand Prairie, TX Gas Drilling Spreadsheet
(Last Updated 12/15/2010)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Happy Holidays, Westchester!"

"Don't Drink and Drill During the Holidays.
Don't Drink and Drive
And Please Don't Let Me Drink 
Chesapeake's (FRAC) Water!"


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chesapeake's Bad Neighbor Policy


Why would a corporation that has been described as one of the BEST places to work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area attempt to manipulate the citizens of Grand Prairie by using them to overturn a city's thoughtful MORATORIUM on all new gas drilling permits for a period of 6 months??

A MORATORIUM that is intended to protect the citizens of Grand Prairie and surrounding communities from any future development until the deficiencies in the present Gas Drilling Ordinance can be addressed?

Ponder that dear friends. And have a peaceful Sunday.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Another Day Which Will Live in Infamy

"Hydraulic Fracturing Follows
God's Laws of Physics"
~ A Chesapeake (self-identified) Hydraulic Engineer's Statement
Following the Grand Prairie, TX Chesapeake Town Hall Meeting
December 7, 2010

News Video Showing Parker County Water Catching Fire

Tuesday Night, right after the abysmal Chesapeake Town Hall Meeting in Grand Prairie, TX, this same Chesapeake "Hydraulic Engineer" (quoted above) stated that there was "no case of water contamination caused by gas drilling in the Barnett Shale."  He stated a lot of other stuff, too.  But this is what stood out for me. He told us this even "after" this report of water contamination was being reported in the media. When this latest incident of water contamination (caused by hydraulic fracturing) was pointed out to him, this Hydraulic Engineer seemed to register very little reaction to the report. 

Of course we are disappointed with the seeming lack of concern for our community's safety and quality of life. As we have stated numerous times on the Westchester Gasette ~ God Help Us. Please. 

Chesapeake already has a documented history of causing accidental deaths from hydraulic fracturing.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Fear and Intimidation *Update*

Read the amazing story on Bluedaze
(UPDATE:  This story is no longer available on Bluedaze at the link above, but please read an update in the Comments below. ~ October 5, 2014 ~ Westchester Neighbor)

We know for certain that our neighbors in northern Westchester have been "targeted." We're not certain how many others received this mailing in Grand Prairie, TX. The meeting is scheduled during a very busy time for most of us. Tomorrow ~ Tuesday evening (December 7th) beginning at 6 PM. 

It is an attempt to divide neighbors and neighborhoods. Don't be fooled. Get informed. E-mail us if you have questions. westchesterneighbor (at) (The "at" is the "@" sign.) Or ask your question in the comments for this post.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall. 

Here's the lovely invitation. We wonder if they'll offer dinner since it's so early in the evening. Don't see a menu on the invitation.  Not even snacks or drinks??!!!