Shale Gas Drilling Info

Update 2012:  Interesting that we've documented a massive drilling operation (Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring) in the middle of our southern Grand Prairie neighborhoods that apparently has no rules.  This is pipeline construction (Boring) and our Texas state laws see ALL pipeline construction as a "public utility" ~ meaning it's all for the public good. So, a private company can set up heavy, industrial activity in the middle of our suburban neighborhoods without any review from our city. Yes. You read that correctly. It's for the public "good."

We've blogged about it ~ click here. 


Update 2010: No presentation or hearing about the new Grand Prairie, TX Gas Drilling Ordinance for December 14, 2010. This date had been previously announced during the November 15, 2010 City Council Meeting.

We're glad. We hope the city will take Westchester-Grand Prairie Community Alliance's advice and appoint a Gas Drilling Advisory Board per our recommendations submitted on October 1, 2010. 
Click here to read the WCGPCA Recommendations for Changes to the Grand Prairie, TX Gas Drilling Ordinance (9.30.2010).  It was a pleasure working with our Westchester neighbors on this document.