Monday, July 08, 2013

Steve Lipsky's Water is On Fire from Recent Fracking ~ RRC Says, "No, It's Not!"

Featured in the Debut of  Josh Fox's "Gasland 2" on HBO Earlier Tonight.  It will run at various times all week. 
Watch carefully, as Steve Lipsky's water catches on fire.  
Thank you to WFAA's Award-Winning Journalist 
Brett Shipp 
for this important report earlier this year.

Click Here to read all about the Imminent and Substantial Endangerment Order issued by the EPA for this methane contaminated water well in the backyard of the Lipsky's. (December 7, 2010.)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

WOW! Solar Impulse ~ The First Trip Across America 2013

Happening Now. Zero Fossil Fuels Used. 
Livestreaming NOW. July 6, 2013
"[...]Zero-fuel airplane's epic flight to New York live! 
Check out the triumphant conclusion of the historic crossing of the United States with the world's first airplane able to fly day and night without fuel!

Solar Impulse, a project born in Switzerland, is ending its Across America mission that started exactly two months ago at NASA's Moffett Airfield at the heart of Silicon Valley.  

This epic in stages that led the solar plane to Phoenix (AZ), Dallas (TX), St. Louis (MO) and Washington D.C. is now coming to an end with the scheduled landing at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport sometime after 2AM EDT (UTC-4) on Sunday July 7th 2013. Watch the entire flight live starting one hour before take-off -- around 3:30AM EDT (UTC-4). The live streaming includes interviews with pilots and project Co-founders André Borschberg from the cockpit and Bertrand Piccard from the ground, reruns of the mission flights and interviews with Solar Impulse team members."[...] (~ From the Solar Impulse LiveStream)

Click here to visit the Solar Impulse YouTube Channel for incredible videos of this first solar flight across America!!