Sunset or Not

2010:  Coming soon....Railroad Commission of Texas ~ all you ever really needed to know about this commission. And how to navigate their Web site without losing your mind (maybe). Soon. Very soon.

Update:  Well, on second thought...never mind. We think this icon of a Commission is being abolished this week.  See the story here.

We prefer to listen to the great Ella Fitzgerald.


The Railroad Commission of TX is Not Abolished, Yet.

2012:  Well, it's been almost 2 years since we began this journey in gasland.

During that time, we've learned (painfully) how to navigate the Railroad Commission web site. We don't think they made it any easier. But wow. We sure can get around in it easily, now. When we first wrote this post, we were under the impression that the Railroad Commission was going to be abolished. Well, so much for that idea.

As of today, July 3, 2012, the Railroad Commission of Texas is alive and kicking. Same name. Same place. A few changes in personnel. But, all in all, some things never change.

Don't miss our tribute to the former Chairwoman Elizabeth Ames Jones!

Click here for a wild ride.
She inspired so many of us after she led the charge with the other two commissioners (Barry Smitherman and David Porter) as they ruled against the property owners in the Barnes Assembly A Lease our Trailwood neighbors)'s called a Rule 37 Spacing Exception Waiver. And basically, if you don't or won't sign a lease with an operator, they can simply apply for a spacing exception and somehow, by hook or by crook,  they have a way to just "take" your mineral property away from you. Trust us.  We know.

If property is 9/10 of the law...the Rule 37 Spacing Exception has changed that truism forever. Just ask our Trailwood neighbors about it.

None of  it's good, just to give you a heads up.