Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Range Resources: It's So Ugly.

We here at the Westchester Gasette don't know that much about Range Resources.  We have enough on our plate, really.  But we do know that this is important to mention.   As you may  or may not recall, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an Emergency Order back on December 7, 2010:
EPA has issued an imminent and substantial endangerment order under Section 1431 of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Parker County is located west of Fort Worth, Texas.
In late August, EPA received a citizen's complaint regarding concerns with a private drinking water well. During the inspector’s follow-up inquiry, EPA learned that the homeowner had previously complained to the Texas Railroad Commission as well as the company, but their concerns were not adequately addressed by the State or the company.  EPA then conducted an on-site inspection of the private drinking water well with the homeowner and a neighboring residence, and returned to collect both water and gas samples.

These samples were sent to an EPA certified laboratory for analysis. The data was received in late November 2010 and was carefully reviewed by EPA scientists. The EPA scientists have conducted isotopic fingerprint analysis and concluded the source of the drinking water well contamination to closely match that from Range Resources’ natural gas production well.

EPA has asked the company to conduct a full scale investigation.  (emphasis added.)
(Read all the details here.)
OK. So, one thing we do know.  We do know that the shale gas industry has a history of applying certain kinds of pressure (aka bullying and aka threatening lawsuits) when they fear they may not get their way with our City Staffs, City Councils and Planning Commissions. Most of this has been done behind closed doors...but sometimes we have the opportunity to see it in public. And it can be so arrogant and so ugly

So, get ready because here's an example. It's the Sr. VP ~ General Counsel of Range Resources speaking to the Southlake Planning and Zoning Committee in late 2010 ~ on behalf of XTO ~ with what turns out to be a reckless pronouncement:

(Disclaimer:  It may shock you...so be prepared for a physical jolt. Oh, and try to overlook the braggadocio, too.  We only ask that you try.)

And now, we have this same Range Resources attorney issuing yet another screed.  This time on behalf of his own company.  Read about it here.

And then, let's talk. :-)

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Children's Doctor Who Just Found Out

Arlington, TX City Council Meeting, February 21, 2012 Get Microsoft Silverlight
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"The Letter" the Doctors Wrote (Signed by 3 M.D.s)**

A Larger View of "The Letter"**

Hopefully, sanity will prevail in Arlington, TX this Tuesday night. 

Of course, others have a vested interest. And possibly, less interest in the work of doctors striving to help children. We'll leave that for you to decide.