Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Frac Pond Cometh

And the Frac Pond Taketh Away

But not without a Black Vinyl, 6-Foot Privacy Fence...

Surely, this is simply a placeholder until the really nice Chesapeake FRAC fence arrives??


  1. This is the Corn Valley Pad Site, y'all. 210 Camp Wisdom Road...4 yards from homes in the Westchester Valley neighborhood.

    The drilling hasn't commenced, yet. 5 wells were permitted. With 3 additional ones also possible. Since we have such a bird's eye view of the drilling activities...we will have quite a story to tell going forward.

    This is so sad and unfair for our friends and neighbors who must live so close to this monster. How could this be happening??

  2. I hope it doesn't rain anymore this week.


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