Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's the Big Deal About Southlake??

SUPs (Specific Use Permits)~ Of Course!!
Tracking Drilling Cases - Understanding the Process

Obtaining permission to drill a well in Southlake is a two-step process. First, the gas company must file an application for a specific use permit (SUP) - this process is outlined below. Second, the gas company then must obtain a gas permit from the City. Obtaining a gas permit requires compliance with Chapter 9.5, Article IV of the City Code which regulates oil and gas drilling as well as approval of an SUP.

SUP Process:

1. SUP Application filed with City
2. Staff Review of SUP
3. SPIN Meeting(s) - Public Input
4. Planning & Zoning Commission (Public Hearing)
5. City Council (Public Hearing)

If the SUP is approved by the City Council, the gas company is then required to obtain a gas permit for any well that is drilled on the site. Approval of gas permits is an administrative process that is handled at the staff level.

Please watch this video (next post) presented by Planning and Development Services Director Ken Baker. In it, Mr. Baker provides a brief explanation of oil and gas drilling process in Southlake as well as the drilling application process.[City of Southlake, Texas Web site]

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