Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Southlake, Texas: The Model

As of September 29, 2010, there is no gas drilling in Southlake.

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  1. Unlike Southlake, Grand Prairie holds the door wide open for drilling. Based upon the Grand Prairie Gas Drilling Ordinance, it is no wonder that we have the closest residential Frac Pond in the entire Barnett Shale.

    After receipt of a permit for gas drilling from the Texas Railroad Commission, the Grand Prairie Environmental Services Department decides whether or not to "approve" the permit. No citizen input. And no public hearing via the Specific Use Permit.

    This is precisely the reason why most of the citizens of Grand Prairie (including the Planning & Zoning Commissioners) know close to nothing about gas drilling activities in Grand Prairie. (This was confirmed to us after attending the P&Z Commission Meeting on September 13, 2010.)

    To be clear, Grand Prairie's gas drilling permitting process is not a crime. But it is criminal, to see the impact that gas drilling activities are having and will continue to have on our community.


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