Monday, October 25, 2010

Accident Reportings

In light of the recent near-fatal accident with gas drilling pipeline operations at Arkansas and State Highway 161 (DFW Mid-Stream ~ associated with Chesapeake) it is important to keep in mind that rules were seriously violated.

According to the Texas Railroad Commission:

Natural Gas:

Pipeline operators must report accidents on intrastate gas systems involving $50,000 property damage, a fatality or injuries, gas ignition, or that are judged significant, by telephone within two hours, and the written report filed within thirty (30) days. Call the 24-hour emergency phone number (512) 463-6788 to report an accident. For your convenience this priority phone line is used only to report emergencies.

From the WFAA Story:
Even though the accident took place on Friday, the incident was not officially reported to the Texas Railroad Commission until Wednesday after News 8 began inquiring about what happened. [emphasis added.]

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