Friday, October 15, 2010

Life in Argyle and Bartonville - Our Neighbors to the North



  1. Everyday my inbox is flooded with emails from people who are suffering impacts from natural gas extraction. Beware!

  2. The pictures show how sick all of this is. From the overall big picture of's the very definition of sin.

    How can any of this be right ~ forcing people to live in industrial zones, forcing children to breathe toxic fumes that have long-term health effects including cancer.

    Using high pressure sales techniques to get our neighbors to "sign leases." Promises of big riches by landmen who swept in and took control.

    We the People must get this thing stopped. The lives of our children, grandchildren and families are at stake.

    The cries for help were loud and clear in Dish, TX Wednesday night. Thank you for the warning, TXsharon.


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