Monday, October 18, 2010

Southern Entrance to Westchester

Home to Chesapeake's Corn Valley Pad Site
210 West Camp Wisdom Road
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

Westchester Church Offers Us a Stern Warning

"WC owns 17 acres in south Grand Prairie, and continues to seek God’s leading and timing in how we can use that property to glorify Him.

Our focus remains forcefully advance God’s kingdom, and to invite people to discover, develop, and display genuine devotion to Jesus Christ."

So, this is what Westchester Church believes God wants for us? Maybe there is some kind of breakdown in communication! Yes. That must be it.

Important Update (11.12.10): Looks as if Westchester Church has changed its Web site and the message about their property?? And their name (again)!?

Another Update (12.18.11): Yet another name change.  And it looks as if they've moved to New York??? {{Very Weird.}} 

It looks more and more like a Chesapeake-inspired congregation.  Amen. Grand Prairie, TX's Westchester Church.  Here's the link to the map right below their office address on Polo Road.
Westchester Church meets weekly for Life Celebration. Life Celebration takes place at 6:30 PM on Sunday. We currently meet in the Community Opportunity Center, 105 Wildey Street, Tarrytown, NY. Parking is available in the Salvation Army parking lot.

Because of our continued growth, we are currently looking for a permanent property to call home. This web site will be updated when our location changes.


  1. If you look left of the sign and through the trees, you can catch a glimpse of the Corn Valley Pad Site with its big, enormous sound barrier. The monstrous FRAC Pond is directly behind the "No Dumping" sign. Not sure what "qualifies" as dumping on their property if they allow those two big, messy items to remain.

  2. If that's not dumping, I don't know what is.

  3. I can't figure any of this out. A 3-Million Gallon Water FRAC Pond surrounded by barbed wire alongside a pad site with ugly, tacky, beige cloth flopping in the wind (this one looks like a 2nd hand sound barrier) also surrounded by barbed wire...if it looks like a dump, sounds like a dump, smells like a there something else it could be?? Somebody needs to tell Westchester Church they've got a dump.


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