Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One More Pad Site. 4 More Wells. Happy Holidays!

Proposed Pad Site Right Behind the Hills of Westchester
Grand Prairie, TX
Luminant Pad Site,Dallas,Grand Prairie,TX
XTO ~ (City of Dallas SUP Application) 
Luminant Lease: Railroad Commission API #113: 30210-30213 


  1. Here's the SUP that the City of Dallas will be considering during the Planning Commission Meeting this Thursday afternoon, November 18, 2010. The Hills of Westchester are not within the 1,000 feet radius required for "Notification."

    But they will assuredly be "downwind" of the drilling emissions and grinding and screeching.

    Click Here to see Specific Use Permit.

  2. Question: And so if the pad site is in the City of Dallas but the horizontal well bores travel over across the border to the City of Grand Prairie...doesn't that mean the citizens of Grand Prairie should know what is going on, too??

    Maybe that's just asking too much.

  3. Wow. What a journey we have had since 2010. And what a learning curve. The way this works is that the "surface location" (where the wells are drilled and fracked) is key to which municipality approves the permit from the Railroad Commission. Very tricky stuff at the borders of our cities. Especially since the homeowners most affected would have been homeowners in Grand Prairie, TX. This location has since been cancelled by XTO. The Dam was just too close to the wellbores as it all turned out. Amen.


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