Monday, December 06, 2010

Fear and Intimidation *Update*

Read the amazing story on Bluedaze
(UPDATE:  This story is no longer available on Bluedaze at the link above, but please read an update in the Comments below. ~ October 5, 2014 ~ Westchester Neighbor)

We know for certain that our neighbors in northern Westchester have been "targeted." We're not certain how many others received this mailing in Grand Prairie, TX. The meeting is scheduled during a very busy time for most of us. Tomorrow ~ Tuesday evening (December 7th) beginning at 6 PM. 

It is an attempt to divide neighbors and neighborhoods. Don't be fooled. Get informed. E-mail us if you have questions. westchesterneighbor (at) (The "at" is the "@" sign.) Or ask your question in the comments for this post.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall. 

Here's the lovely invitation. We wonder if they'll offer dinner since it's so early in the evening. Don't see a menu on the invitation.  Not even snacks or drinks??!!!


  1. Waiting for your update on how the high pressure attempt to divide your community went. Sorry I couldn't be there.

  2. I would say that this was one of the most disorganized messes I have ever seen. I would have expected more from such a big corporation. One thing they were not short on were landmen from Red Sky and Chesapeake representatives everywhere. The presentation was very one-sided. No one was allowed to "ask" questions after the Powerpoint. They also wanted people to sign up to speak up against the Moratorium next Tuesday, December 14th in City Council Chambers.

    Most people we spoke to were very unclear about what they had just heard.

    This was obviously an attempt to rally this crowd against the City of Grand Prairie, TX. Not sure it worked out so well for them since the crowd cleared the room rather quickly after the female moderator wrapped up.

    They asked anyone who had "questions" to come on down and talk to a Chesapeake representative. The people in the back of the room could not hear anything so they just talked among themselves.

    This was one very poorly organized event.

  3. Confuse, divide, and lie....sound familiar? Your Westridge neighbor

  4. Well, here we are in October 2014 and there are still many, many naysayers who don't believe a word we say about any of these experiences. A big-time writer for the Wall Street Journal calls all of this "Polemics." Says we are just making it all up.

    Funny thing about journalism is that just because you don't write for a big-time newspaper citizens can still "Report" the News. And over time, people can discredit you or simply ignore you. Neither of those things has happened to the Westchester Gasette. Thank you very much.

    We also learned that if we had only called the Fire Dept. back on Dec. 7, 2010 then Chesapeake would have been in BIG trouble with violating the Fire Code since over 500 people were stuffed into the Community Meeting Room that night when it was not designed for that many souls. And not one of our city leaders was present to witness this mess and the presentations by a 9-Month pregnant Chesapeake representative who could have gone into labor at any minute ~ along with the attempts to sway the crowd by the army of Chesapeake reps scattered throughout the room ~ all working hard that night to convince people who knew mostly nothing to go against our city's moratorium that had been accomplished by citizens who had worked very hard on this issue.

    In conclusion, our neighborhood's well and controversial drilling site is now plugged as of Apriil 2014. Journalism works...even when it's a neighborhood blog. Amen.

    Plugged But Not Forgotten


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