Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part II: "We Don't Want No Moratorium"

Back in the summer, July 19th, to be precise, there was a Westchester Town Hall Meeting about the shale gas drilling issue.  Flyers were distributed all across the area, signs were posted, panelists were invited. 

These panelists included:  Gary Hogan of the North Central Texas Communities Alliance, Sharon Wilson of the Oil and Gas Accountability Project, Mayor Calvin Tillman of Dish, TX, Cherelle Blazer of the Environmental Defense Fund, Jim Cummings, Environmental Services Director for the City of Grand Prairie, Ron Jensen (City Councilman for District 6) and Laura Patton representing Chesapeake.

Before that meeting got underway, we were greeting neighbors as they arrived at the Oaks Baptist Church and asking people to sign the Petition for a Moratorium on all gas drilling activities.  We had decided that the current Gas Drilling Ordinance was in need of stronger protections for our neighborhoods.  A man came to the table, picked up a petition and then yelled out, "We Don't Want No Moratorium."  Later, we discovered that this man was either a landman for Chesapeake or in some way connected with that company.  He clearly had a vested interest in stopping our efforts.

Keeping all of that in mind, here is Part II of the Chesapeake Town Hall Meeting held on December 7, 2010 in Grand Prairie, TX.

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