Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You.

We requested that the Ordinance go online.  And there it is ~ a link to the *Proposed" newly revised Grand Prairie Shale Gas Drilling Ordinance. It will be voted on this Tuesday night, January 18th, by City Council at City Hall beginning at 6:30 PM ~ following the  Public Hearing.

Take a look and see. It's a far cry from what it was. It appears that the Ordinance is still not allowing for a Specific Use Permit through P&Z ~ a #1 priority for this Westchester Neighbor. 

Of course, we're glad to see the 1,000 foot setback for Protected Use Properties including homes, schools, churches. The current setback is 500 ft. The proposed Ordinance allows for a "variance" from the 1,000 foot setback to no less than 700 ft. if approved by City Council after a Public Hearing.  And there's a requirement that the Permit from a gas operator provide detailed information about all drilling equipment including pipeline construction. Take a look and see what you think. 

Correspondence sent by Chesapeake to lessors in Grand Prairie, TX (those who have signed leases allowing Chesapeake to extract the shale gas from under their property) requests that they attend the meeting in opposition to the proposed Shale Gas Drilling Ordinance.  AND that they not listen to the "activists" or the "protestors." (Laura Patton misspells the word in the correspondence.) Maybe "protestors" are different than protesters. Not sure.

I guess we'll see what happens Tuesday night.

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