Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seismic Testing Coming Soon to North Grand Prairie, TX

According to the Grand Prairie, TX Web site (scroll down to see the Horrible Map on Page 2 that's extremely hard to read)...our neighbors up North will now know what WE know.  The invasion of the Thumper Trucks.  Stealing information about our property (minerals ~ AKA "property")...without COMPENSATION!!  Monster trucks driving through neighborhoods, in tandem, dropping 1,000 pound weights to the pavement, enough to shake your home.

We seriously thought the City of Grand Prairie understood our concerns about seismic testing when it came to South Grand Prairie last summer.  It's clear from this ANNOUNCEMENT, they probably don't.

So, how much are homeowners/landowners being compensated? Anyone know??

Or is this just back to playing dumb about all of it??

Oh, and that Hotline Number you see ~ just know that it's not a City of Grand Prairie Hotline Number

UpdateWe see that the energy company listed on the MAP is Newark Energy ~ for the record.

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