Saturday, February 05, 2011

Up to 20 Wells Proposed for 5523 Lakeridge Parkway near Camp Wisdom (The Road to Joe Pool Lake)

Lake Parks Pad Site (Well 1H is the Red Dot) 
Red circular bands show the distances to 
residential neighborhoods
300 ft., 500 ft., 600 ft. and 1,000 feet

(Below) Lake Parks IH Truck Transportation Route
From 360 to Camp Wisdom Going East to 
Lakeridge Parkway Turning South

Click Here to see all of these Documents (scroll down to Page 144 of this 151 Page document.)

It will be on the Agenda as a Public Hearing for the February 15, 2011 City Council Meeting.  (It could have been voted on this past Tuesday, but for the weather.)  Oh, Lord. This one's a doozy.  

Thank God Environmental Services is recommending DENIAL.

Looking at the maps for this Lake Parks 1H well that will be practically in the backyards of residents...not only that, but the future holds 20 wells for this proposed Padsite.  What looks like 1 (one) well, really the first stage of a MONSTER Padsite on the Road to Lake Joe Pool.

Developing Story...CHESAPEAKE.

And here's the rest of it (from the documents linked to above):
The gas well padsite proposed is situated south of Camp Wisdom, west east of 360, to the north of Webb Lynn Road, and directly off of Lakeridge Parkway. The address is 5523 Lakeridge Parkway. The padsite is adjacent to the Lake Parks East and the Lake Parks West subdivisions. The well bore is approximately 359 feet from the closest protected use (a residence in the Lake Parks East subdivision). There are approximately five other residences within this subdivision that lie within 500 feet of the well bore. The planned well bore is less than 500 feet from the nearest residences on the westside of the padsite.

Additionally, the well bore is approximately 510 feet from the Kidd Academy Day Care facility located at 5555 Lakeridge Pkwy. The permanent padsite storage tanks are planned to be less than 400 feet from the day care center.

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