Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Westchester Shale Gas Flare Is Up

The worker appears to be a bit wobbly. Hopefully, it's not from inhaling the fumes since he's clearly not wearing any breathing gear.
March 4, 2011 around 2:00 AM
Corn Valley A Well 1H Incinerator Flare 
Grand Prairie, TX (southwestern Dallas County, Texas)

This shale gas well flaring event was captured in the early morning hours of March 4, 2011 (it was very windy).  

A worker can be seen walking (sleepily or wobbily) toward the incinerator. The worker is wearing a hard hat, but no breathing gear. We worry about his safety (and our neighbors residing 537 ft. from this flaring)!

There is only supposed to be one (1) well drilled on this site so far.  So, we will assume that this is the flaring for only one well. If it's for two (2) then that's news to us. **Update:  It's one well.**

We have been told (on good authority) that this is one of only three incinerator flaring units of its kind in the world!!  

We're very lucky ~ but mostly our neighbors on Westchester's Donnie Lane are extremely see, most did not choose to sign mineral leases and this flaring event is practically in their back yards. 

Yay, Team Chesapeake!!

**Link to More Videos on Westchester Gasette's YouTube Channel**


  1. Don't complain about those flares. They are there to improve air quality.

  2. What kind of "breathing gear" would you like him to be wearing?

  3. Anonymous 4:19 PM: Right. Since we're an industrial zone, now, we will be flaring regularly and often. Yee Haw.

  4. Easy now---just flaring during flow back.

  5. shouldabeensaid: Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

    Locally, gas flaring produces a plethora of byproducts harmful to health. These include fine particulate matter and carbon monoxide. Particulate matter is particularly (no pun intended) problematic for people who have asthma or other respiratory problems. The chemical benzene is also released. Benzene is linked to leukemia and possibly cancer.


    Maybe something like this for breathing gear. It's on sale and may be a little pricey for Chesapeake's bottom line.

    The worker in the video doesn't appear to be in the best of I think he really could benefit from the best possible protection, don't you? Maybe he just needs the job like so many do and doesn't want to be any trouble. I wonder what OSHA would say about this situation?

  6. shouldabeensaid: Easy, now? Oh, yes. Flowback. It's only being "flared" because we don't have a sales pipeline and we don't have a sales pipeline because we don't know if we really have any good gas or any gas at all. (I guess Corn Valley does have "some" gas based on this Flare.)

    We know Flow. She's best friends with Shale. Flow really needs Flare. But only when Flow doesn't have a new Sales Pipeline. And no one really knows where Sales Pipeline will land. Maybe in your backyard. Maybe in your front yard. Sales Pipeline will have its way with us.

    It's the Boss. And that's really funny since it's not like these sales pipelines are for us in the community...not at all. They're for Chesapeake and XTO and all the rest of them.

    And last I looked, they're not a utility company. They are a corporation sending shale gas to "market." I guess that makes us their manufacturing plant.


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