Thursday, March 17, 2011

West Carpo Fracked Last Week

West Carpo, Well 3H on Matthew Road was fracked beginning last Thursday March 10, 2011 according to the GP Shale Gas Drilling Spreadsheet. Trees have been coming down over that way as well. Probably for the extension of Lakridge Parkway. What a MESS!

Just as a reminder, a big chunk of this Lease is located on District 6 City Councilman  Ron Jensen's property. The fracking last week must have been horrible for nearby neighbors. But we didn't get a picture of it. Probably looked a lot like this.

We note that a house is up for sale within a few feet of the pad site on Matthew Road. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, and it looks like there's a non-odorized gas gathering pipeline there (according to the Maps on the RRC Website). So, probably won't be any flowback/flaring. But we're just going by the maps. Stay tuned.

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