Monday, May 02, 2011

FRACking to Commence Tomorrow W/O Rule 37 Ruling

So, it really was just a Dog and Pony Show? Wow.  This must be one of the purest examples of that ever seen in Texas History.

Chesapeake appears to be all primed and ready to go forward with the FRAC Job on Barnes Assembly A Well 3H ~ even though a DECISION HAS NOT BEEN MADE by the Railroad Commission on the Rule 37 Waiver Hearing conducted on February 1, 2011 in Austin!  Members of the Trailwood community all made it to Austin on that terrible day of ice and snow and did an incredible job of representing themselves and speaking up for their right to NOT SIGN a mineral lease with Chesapeake.

In case you haven't seen or read the Transcript, click here to see it.  Westchester-Grand Prairie Community Alliance members paid the rather pricey fee to obtain the transcript. 

We continue to be bewildered by our Texas Railroad Commission, our City of Grand Prairie AND, of course, as always, Chesapeake.

Pray for us.  Thank you.


  1. Chesapeake and all of the gas industry continues to do as they please. It will only get worse since they are 'self reporting' and the state / cities just accept what they are told about the industry's activies. The only power the citizens have is to STOP SIGNING LEASES with these guys!!

  2. @Anonymous at 9:23 AM: Absolutely. And even the Railroad Commission admitted as much to us this week. The Texas Legislature makes the laws and has the opportunity RIGHT NOW to help us. But what do they do...absolutely nothing.

    The Texas Oil and Gas Industry has them all bought and paid for. So very, very sad for our state to see that the bills that should be coming out of the House Energy Resources Committee and voted on by the Full House are simply being ignored.

    All of this will go down in history of one of the biggest scams of all time.

  3. @Anonymous 9:23 AM: And one more point...about Not Signing Leases... Unfortunately, many of these leases were signed within the past year or two. And these "newer" leases are for five (5) years. That's a long time!

    And so many people are just now learning about the huge downside to all of it. Our cities own large tracts of land and are actually getting big bonuses for signing and re-signing...and then they tell their citizens that all of this is between the homeowners and the gas operators.

    That philosophy is a major failure of our municipalities ~ not protecting the very communities they have worked so hard to develop over time.


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