Friday, June 03, 2011

Draining the FRAC Pond Without Testing the Water = Really BAD Neighbor

Chesapeake's Monster FRAC Pond
10 Feet From the Back Yards of Westchester Neighbors 
Who Have Not Signed Leases

It Became a GUSHER in December after Chesapeake Finally Moved it 150 Feet South Because They Try So Hard to Be Good Neighbors

And Now It's Being Drained Because 
It Sprang a Leak (After the January Frac Job)
So, Chesapeake is draining the FRAC Pond
500 feet from 
Westchester Homeowners on Donnie Lane 
and on the Property of the Lessor
Westchester Community Church
aka "The Crossing"
(We've been told that church services will be conducted near this very spot this summer.)

It's a FRAC Pond Gullywasher

Corn Valley Pad Site Emergency Signage

And Some Nicely Packaged Bags of Stuff for 
Shoring Up the Leaking FRAC Pond

He's BIG. He absolutely adores his FRAC Pond.
He's bitten everybody twice.
He Just Wants to be Our Neighbor.

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