Monday, August 01, 2011

Mayor of Arlington, TX Says...

It's my Party and "I'll Smile If I Want To."


  1. Go to about 3:15 to see the beginning of the train wreck. It's hard to stop watching.

  2. This video is a glimpse of what all the drilling for natural gas agenda items look like too! I've been escorted out a couple of times and had my mic shut off even before my time was up...time to remove Cluck.

  3. How unfortunate for the residents of Arlington to have such an oligarchy form of local government. And how deplorable to treat the citizens who took the time to attend this meeting, especially the eldery.

    Can Cluck be recalled?

  4. Not only did they "attend" the meeting, but they apparently had obtained "signed petitions," from their communities. The Council should never have voted. I have no idea if I would have agreed with the citizens on their issue...but this was all handled very badly.

    Tabling the issue would have allowed time to sort through all the issues brought to the Public Hearing. There's probably a lot of background that we don't see in this video...but if anything, this video shows a very dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship between Mayor Cluck and the citizens of Arlington, TX.

  5. To recall Mayor Cluck, you will need to contact the City Manager's office to obtain the procedures and the number of signatures required to recall him based on the prior election.

    I would link to it, but that information does not seem to be easily obtainable on the City's Web site.


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