Friday, August 19, 2011

The Water Mafia???

So...Buy it From the City of Arlington, TX
And Then Truck It To Another Site in Another City or Maybe
Sell It To the Highest Bidder!?
Chesapeake's Fulson Site, 5720 S. Watson Road
(360 Near Sublett aka Camp Wisdom Road) 
Arlington, TX 
(August 12, 2011)

A Recent Picture from one of our Facebook Friends in ARKANSAS...Demand is High.


  1. Counciman Rivera says that a "decision" will be made in a month or two? Sounds like a really low priority, doesn't it? Also, interesting that even with the drought and all the lakes drying up...the drillers and frackers are still going at it in Arlington and Fort Worth. Unbelievable.

  2. And just to remind everyone...Arlington, TX is apparently not even at Stage 1 of Water Restrictions, yet. But that may change by September 1st. Why wait?

    Droughts don't go away overnight! Hmmm...also note that the Arlington, TX web site's page on "Drought Conditions" shows that the Stage 1 Restrictions will go into effect when the Tarrant Regional Water District water levels fall to 75%. Good grief, it's already at 76%! Why wait???

    Drought Information on City of Arlington, TX Web site

    We don't see anything there about all the water demands of shale gas drilling and fracking, do you? Just to remind everyone, the shale gas operators must use, on average, 3-7 million gallons of water per FRAC job. That's our precious water that CAN NOT be recycled or reused for thousands of years, if not more.


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