Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dam and Double Dam!

What in the world is going on?
Well, now we see all the drilling and fracking within close proximity to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant and the Squaw Creek Dam near Glen Rose, Texas. The map above shows all the horizontal, fracked wells as red circles extending from the pad sites ("completed," or "in production," since the color red indicates either of those possibilities) and all of this is shown on this Texas Railroad Commission GIS Map as being immediately to the West of Comanche Peak and to the West of Highway 144. (see the link to BlueDaze below for all the details).

We wonder if the personnel at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant were also notified about this activity with the same non-descript Form Letter USACE received about Joe Pool Lake Dam?

Somebody has a lot of explaining to do!!??

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