Monday, October 17, 2011

The Koch Brothers Are Killing Us

Watch this shocking video. And then Take Action.
This is why our politicians won't help us. This is it.

New Film Exposes Connection Between the Kochs and a Small Community Dying of Cancer.

A new video from Brave New Foundation shows how people are paying the ultimate price for the Koch brothers' politics and profiteering.

October 10, 2011.  Brave New Foundation's most recent work, Exposed: Koch Industries and Cancer Risk, is a chilling demonstration of just how horrific a price people are forced to pay. The film is set in the town of Crossett, Arkansas and focuses on a community of residents on Penn Road. Among 15 families, there have been at least 11 deaths from cancer, and many more people are ill. The source of their anguish seems to be coming from a foul smelling canal of water, steaming with toxic pollutants, that runs through the woods near their homes.

If you were to follow the stench all the way upstream, one woman in the film explains, it leads to the town's only manufacturer and main employer: Georgia Pacific. A Koch Industries subsidiary, Georgia Pacific is a plywood, paper mill and formaldehyde resin plant that has been dumping millions of gallons of wastewater into open ditches. Even though the company's actions violate the Clean Water Act, the community of Penn Road continues to suffer.[emphasis added]
God. Please. Help Crossett, Arkansas. AMEN.


  1. Read this story and see how our governor, who wants to be president, sounds more like an industry ad than a politician for the people. What the frack is going on?

  2. This video depicts what may easily be our neighborhoods in the Barnett Shale in a few short years.

    By the way, a proposal to Grand Prairie, TX City Council is being presented during tomorrow's City Council Meeting ~ 3 acres of city property to be leased by Newark Energy where 20 additional shale gas wells are permitted for drilling and fracking in north Grand Prairie.

    And then there's another agenda item for leasing land out at the Grand Peninsula at Joe Pool Lake ~ Chesapeake.

    Being that two gas lease agenda items are the last items on the Agenda (instead of up front and the first items)...seems like it's truly back to the business-as-usual in the Grand Prairie, TX gas patch. Yee Haw.


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