Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Almost Thanksgiving!!

Hmmm...what could that mean??

Barnes Assembly A Well 3H ~ Rule 37 Exception Decision Scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, 2011!!

Here's the Transcript from the February 1, 2011 Hearing in Austin, TX. (The biggest blizzard North Texans may have ever seen blew in that day ~ but 4 of our protesters were there or represented at the hearing.)

Well, here we go again.  We've discovered a MAJOR error in the correspondence with the Protestants (the Protesters to the Rule 37 Exception).  The process is such an egregious violation of human dignity, that we are really not surprised by anything anymore ~ more on that, later.

Developing Story...

Our City of Grand Prairie, TX's  NEWLY Revised Shale Gas Drilling Ordinance (as of January 18, 2011) states that they are to be notified:

Oh, and the new Rule 37 Notification is retroactive, too:

Sec. 13-521.  Rule 37 exceptions or forced pooling applications
Any company filing a Rule 37 exception or a forced pooling application with the Commission shall be required to provide the City’s Environmental Services Department a copy of such application within 48 hours following such filing. Failure to provide such copy shall be considered a violation of this article and may cause any issued City gas drilling permit to be subject to suspension or revocation as provided by Section 13-512.
Question:  So, did the City of Grand Prairie, TX receive notification as required by the revised Gas Drilling Ordinance??

Clearly, our STATE of Texas Legislature is an abysmal FAILURE. New laws could have been created this past Spring to stop this assault on property owners who don't have the resources to HIRE a legal team to defend their property rights.

AMEN.  And pass the turkey, please.

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