Tuesday, January 24, 2012


“I feel like they’re a bunch of snakes,” Watson said. “I’m 72 and I don’t have grandchildren, but there are all kinds of kids that play up and down our street here, and if Magnablend moves out here, I fear for the safety of the kids. Please pray for us, and pray for the truth to come out.”
~ Carl Watson, January 23, 2012 Waxahachie, Texas

Click here to read all about what's going on with our neighbors in Waxahachie, Texas.  Many don't want a fracking factory near them.  Especially since the other one blew up. Do you blame them?

Check out Ellis RTK on Facebook for the latest news about the Magnablend debacle.

Oh, and Joe? Well, Congressman Joe Barton is said to have told citizens that this is not a "federal" issue so he won't be involved, thank you very much.

Oh, no. "Say it isn't so, Joe!!!"  
So Sorry. 
Based on everything above and everything else 
we know:

"Your Party's Over. 
Cry If You Want To."


  1. Unfortunately most government agencies and politicians have been ignoring resident requests to become involved. Each just passes the buck to someone else or says they are looking into it. Some at the state and federal level tell us it's a local issue. Local politicians tell us they can't do anything. Then we have our environmental agencies passing the buck too. The EPA refers us to the TCEQ and the TCEQ tells us they can't do anything until/unless permits are requested. The government has been ABSOLUTELY NO HELP.

  2. One thing that we have learned with this journey is that our cities have been under the impression (and a very strong one) that they have no "power" over the O&G industry. Especially when the industry has been the big power broker with the big bucks. But our cities do have power with "home rule" to protect us. As citizens, speaking up, we have reminded our local representatives that they "do" have power. This is not a small thing. It is huge. I hope y'all can remind your city leaders that they have the "power" to protect the citizens of Waxahachie. And they must because our state and national politicians are firmly controlled by O&G.

    Two words: Home Rule.


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