Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New Documentary About the Barnett Shale

"It's really sad...everyone was so pro-drilling. This is the red, white and blue American thing to do. I just never saw it that way and I was being personally affected by it. But now I'm seeing other people rise up who are feeling the same way.
I think a lot of people now would like a do over."
~ Jane Lynn, Arlington, Texas (Meet the Frackers)
Fulson Pad Site(Picture courtesy of the Fishcreek Monitor)
(Fishcreek Neighborhood, SE Arlington, TX December 2011)

"A lot of things that are generated during this process are known to be harmful to human beings. But it’s similar in my mind to how we found out about cigarette smoking and cancer. It wasn’t that we did a study and found out oh no look cigarettes cause cancer, it was 40, 50 years of ah... exposure."
     ~ Dr. Gordon Aalund, Emergency Doctor and Southlake, TX Resident

Here's the link to the Video. Click on "Play Video."

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