Monday, February 27, 2012

Pastor says, "We are so blessed to be on the Barnett Shale."

NOTE:   At the very beginning of this video, the Pastor from Overcoming Faith (Church) is announced as the next speaker for this Public Hearing on a new drill site called "Overcoming Faith." 

At that very moment, a man
leaps up from the front row of the Arlington, TX City Council Chambers and adjusts the entire podium.   Maybe it had something to do with overcoming a podium.  But we really can't begin to know for certain.

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Oh, and here are the 3 Letters of Support for this drill site linked to from the Agenda on the City of Arlington Web site.

If we're not mistaken, there are problems with those letters.  One seems to be from the operator and 2 seem to be from the same person. There's a lot of overcoming there, too.


  1. "When all this began, we were just babes in the woods." "We are proud of what we built." We would prefer for something not to be right next door to us which would be an eyesore." They didn't want a "cookie cutter company", so they picked Edge. WOW.

    What flavor of Kool Aid do they serve at their refreshment bar?

  2. So if you visit someone's home is it good manners to ask them to adjust the couch before you sit down on it ~ even if it appears to be a good couch?

    Or, if you are fortunate enough to travel with an entourage, is it good manners for one of your group to adjust the couch just before you are invited to sit down?

    If unsure, we believe it is always better to Ask Miss Manners.

  3. The questions is ~ did that man in the front row do that of his own accord, or is that part of his job description?

  4. We're looking for someone to adjust our podium. Speaking of podiums, we assume that Mayor Cluck has someone to adjust his?


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