Sunday, February 05, 2012

Welcome to Fort Worth

And We Hear They're Not Finished, Yet.


  1. Like Bud Kennedy said ths morning on WFAA..."welcome to Texas U R on your own"

  2. This is just complete insanity, and my inclination is to use some very strong language that even a sailer would be ashamed of....concerning the FOOLS in Fort Worth who have allowed this to happen. 9 people on the Fort Worth city council and not a collective brain amoung them!

  3. They are only about 30% done with us.

  4. Fort Worth is a example of exploitation at its finest. It's a shame to have allowed this to happen in a city which offers so many diverse entertainment venues from the Stockyards to the Arts District. Sad.

  5. Since XTO and Chesapeake have offices in Downtown Fort Worth, maybe that has something to do with this "turning the blind eye to what's going on around them."

    Just trying to understand the motivation for this City Council and city leadership. Always seeking to understand. :=)

  6. Reading this article ~ Exxon may try to put everybody else out of business simply because they have the resources to keep drilling/fracking and they are still "learning" how to do it.

    Link to MarketWatch Article dated 2.03.2012

    Gammel noted Exxon may have other motivations to keep drilling for gas. Unlike shale pioneers such as Chesapeake that already have mastered the development and production of shale gas and now are switching to oil, Exxon needs to keep learning.

    The company said Tuesday a significant part of its drilling is aimed at understanding the geology of the properties it acquired in 2010 when it paid $25 billion for XTO Energy. [emphasis added]

    It appears that our "guinea pig" status may have yet another round. They're not done with us, yet.

  7. I meant to say, "As TXSharon said above in the comments ~ they're not done with us, yet."

    (I went into shock a little after reading the part she wrote about only being 30% complete.)

    So, on that note ~ Lord. Help. Us. Please.

  8. Everywhere I go to speak I tell people
    1) DO not ever do it Like the Fort Worth Way what a corruption of a once good message

    2) These are the years of buyer's remorse except for some overall economic benefit the balance of benefit vs negative impact is greatly weighted in the negative and growing.

    3) For thise who have not opened the door to gas exploration get back to basics and JUST SAY NO! WHy would any city want this? WHy would any neighborhood want to sacrifice their peace , quality of life and potentially harm their property value and resale. There certainly is NOT an economic reason to for any amount of bonus or royalty and NOW since natural gas is at a 20 year low of near $2.00 per thousand ccubic ft. sale value most residential lot property owners stand to make MAYBE $100.00 to $200.00 per year for years to come.
    Slam the door and send them packing.
    Dense Urban drilling for un natural gas was always a bad idea and now we know for sure. SO many prior unknown consequences are now reality.


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