Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Women.

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This last Tuesday night (February 21, 2012) something very unusual happened during the vote on the Overcoming Faith Drilling Site during the Arlington City Council Meeting.   The vote was 4-3.

The 4 City Councilmen voted "Yes" to the site. 

As the video shows, the 3 Women on the Council voted "No" to the site.  After observing the actions of this City Council over many months and seeing how they mostly never met a drill site they didn't like  ~  it was a sea change this past Tuesday night.

P.S. We're very sorry for your loss, Councilwoman Capehart.  We, too, have known the sadness and long goodbye of losing a loved one to Alzheimer's.   AMEN.


  1. Mayor Cluck encouraged all those "In Favor" of this drilling site to stand up. Members of the church and their Pastor seem blind to the truth about shale gas drilling in neighborhoods and so near hospitals and wildlife and future development.

    This proposed site is in Sheri Capehart's District. Hopefully, she and the other women on the Council will continue to speak up. More women are needed on the Council for sure.

  2. The pastor who spoke in favor that night stated that he is a pastor, and as a pastor he is in favor of jobs. He also said it is away to bring income. Funny, I thought a pastor's role was teaching the Word of God, reaching out to the lost, and overseeing the spiritual well-being of the church. I don't recall Jesus or the apostles being fixated on making 'business deals'. I realize money is essential for living in this world, but we must be careful to not make it our main focus - particularly if attaining that wealth causes pain and suffering to others in the community.

    I wonder if that pastor researched shale gas drilling to learn about the process, all the infrastructure involved, and how it affects the environment as well as the health and safety risks.

    And yes, we are grateful to Sheri Capehart as well as the other two women, Kathryn Wileman and Lana Wolff, for voting 'No' on this drill site. Heavy industrial mining has no place in established neighborhoods or future developments.

  3. Maybe they would like to get re-elected. Nevertheless, great news!

  4. Anonymous at 8:37 AM: Great news? This ordinance change is now on the Consent Agenda for Tuesday night's meeting (March 6, 2012)! Not sure about this comment, but the Westchester Gasette sees this as a tragedy if the City Council votes this forward.

    It is "great news" that the women of the Arlington, TX City Council voted against it on the First Reading, if that's what you mean. :-)

  5. And just to clarify...all of this has to do with a Zoning Change. The amount of attention for this change in zoning just goes to show that land use is a major issue for our cities.

    The fact that Arlington's Planning and Zoning Commission voted this zoning change forward and for City Council consideration also shows that there is a lot of confusion as to what is appropriate for this area of Arlington, TX.

    If a Pastor of a church wants something, does that mean that there is wisdom in that decision? This Westchester Neighbor says, "not necessarily." Wisdom is not exclusive to pastors. And sometimes it's lacking.


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