Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dateline: Fort Worth, TX **UPDATE: Shocking Development**

If it's not one BIG Monster earthquake waiting to happen, what is it?

God Help Fort Worth, TX. Please.

Apparently they're going to vote to "ban" disposal wells in Fort Worth City Limits forever during tonight's City Council Meeting.

Click here to read the story in yesterday's (April 9, 2012) Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Banning disposal wells means some other community or farmer or rancher will continue to receive Fort Worth's toxic waste. It's truly one big fracking mess.



Holy Cow! So, the Fort Worth City Council votes Unanimously to BAN all "waste" water injection wells in the City Limits but then immediately holds a Public Hearing on fracking under the Martin Luther King Rec Community Center. It passed Unanimously, too.

So, they want MORE waste? More Toxic Waste to continue to contaminate North Texas communities via injection wells elsewhere?

This is very, very sad for all of us, Fort Worth.  Thanks so much. 

We apologize for this Update. Now, back to your regular programming.


  1. Fort Worth must be taking lessons from Arlington. That is exactly how the Truman wells got permitted. After the big crowd of protesters from Rush Creek cleared the room following their victory where they were able to block a zoning change which would permit drilling, the City quickly slipped in another drilling item where an African American pastor welcomed the promise of cash to this lower income community. Do they receive training in deploying this type of strategy?

  2. Well, it worked in Arlington, so why not Fort Worth. Just wish people would realize that if they receive a friendly call from a charming gas company rep asking them to give a little speech at a City Council meeting ~ just wish they would look before they leap. It's really despicable of the industry. But it is what they do...they haven't gotten this far without getting people to give them what they want.


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