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Environmental Protection for Texas the Inhofe Way **Update**

We Welcome Senator James Inhofe to the Westchester Gasette.

**Update, April 29, 2012** Well, we almost missed this, but now it appears that our very own Texas Congressman Joe Barton is signing on to this feeding frenzy. Click Here to See the 7-Page Letter with Congressman Barton's signature Front and Center. Oh, and there's more. Stay tuned. OK. Click here for the rest of the story.

Now wait just a minute, Senator Inhofe.  What did Dr. Armendariz really say?

So, just in case you've been's the deal. There is a certain story (introduced by Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma on the Senate Floor this past week) that our very own EPA Region 6 Administrator, Dr. Al Armendariz, wants to "crucify" the oil and gas industryHoly Cow!

Of course, when we heard this, a couple of days ago, we were shocked beyond words.  I mean, who wouldn't be?  But then, taking a step back from a feeding frenzy sometimes helps us see things in an entirely different way. And definitely not the way Oklahoma sees it. Lord have mercy for they know not what they do

In the Senate floor speech (here) Senator Inhofe apparently believes that Dr. Armendariz is promoting the "crucifixion" of the oil and gas industry. Wow. That's some power. However, we believe that Dr. Armendariz was simply offering what's called an "analogy" during a discussion with the citizens of this small North Texas community, when he said:
"You make examples of people who are NOT complying with the law..."

Keep in mind, that the video in question was taped when Dr. Armendariz travelled to Dish, TX in the Spring of 2010 to meet with the Mayor of Dish ~ Mayor Calvin Tillman ~ and his community.  His community was worried, stressed and concerned about safety and health effects from the 11 Shale Gas Compressor Stations that had recently landed in his very small town in Denton County, TX. 

So, with ALL of that background about Dish, TX in mind, watch and listen carefully as Dr. Al Armendariz speaks to and answers questions from the worried citizens of Dish, TX on a Spring night in 2010.

Just recently, Mayor Calvin Tillman discussed the actual chemical studies conducted in Dish, TX (February, 2012)

Fox News Reporter Greta Van Susteren does her level best to explain it to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe ~  who apparently won't accept that he may have gone overboard on the Senate Floor:

By the way, Mayor Tillman eventually left his town behind. 

Clearly, Senator Inhofe has no idea what has happened to Dish, Texas. And why Dr. Armendariz was there in the first place. 

People in Dish, Texas were simply asking for help and protection. And no one in our state (Texas) was helping

Now watch Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe on the Floor of the Senate, Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
Goodness Gracious. Who Crucified Whom?
This is your U.S. Congress "Protecting" Us from Harm. Oh, and they want to have a hearing, too.
God. Help. Us. Please. Write to Lisa Jackson, Now.


  1. Sen. Inhofe - bought and paid for by the oil and gas mafia.

  2. Thank you for that link. Also, know that Senator Inhofe is NOT up for re-election in this cycle. Tag. Apparently, he's the one chosen to do the dirty work.

    Click Here to View Senator James Inhofe's Oil and Gas Donors Via

  3. Here's Lisa Jackson's E-Mail Address. Be sure to e-mail her your support for Dr. Armendariz:

    Be sure to send CC your Congressman/Congresswoman.

    Lisa Jackson is the Administrator of the EPA in Washington, DC.


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