Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Mineral Deed

In recent years, DR Horton (America's Builder) has been holding on to the minerals and groundwater when they sell homes in their subdivisions.
DR Horton Development. Clark Road. Dallas/Duncanville, TX.

Texas Sharon writes a stunner today on BlueDaze: 

So, now, in the beautiful Mountain Creek area of southwestern Dallas County, TX ~ a certain kind of property transaction occurred in mid-February 2012:

*Not to be confused with a Gas and/or Oil Lease

Scroll down to Exhibit A in the above mineral deed to see the general location of the property being deeded.

Clark Ridge No. 2 Homes ~ 7002 Mesa Drive, Dallas, TX

Click here and go to the last page of that Mineral Deed to see
Item #5.

Kind of Important Question: So, why are George H.W. Bush's ancestors discussed in a DR Horton Mineral Deed??!!

Oh, they were thumpin' for shale gas just last year out that way...


  1. The skull and crossbones symbol should be stamped on D.R. Horton contracts because purchasing one of these homes may have serious health risks.

    What is even scarier is that the mineral deed not only mentions oil & gas and other hydrocarbons, and groundwater, but notice the long list of other minerals such as aluminum, asphalt, bentonite, clays, brines, cement,, greensand, gypsum... iron... oyster shell, peat... sand... uranium... GOOD GRIEF! How can those minerals be extracted while keeping a home intact??

  2. Classic Century did the same thing maybe why some of the home builders went outta business. This practice is very common in Texas.

  3. It may be common in Texas as a whole...but not common in North Texas until recent years.

    Looks like they went out of business because they built bad homes.

    Classic Century Homes

  4. How did George Bush get in there?

  5. They retained the water rights too?? Do they plan on sucking out the groundwater for fracturing these wells?


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