Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chesapeake Pulls Out **Update**

"We Don't Know Where They're Going!"  
Ft. Worth, TX Mayor Betsy Price (June 11, 2012)

**Update** ~ June 19, 2012

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM)-[...]Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, who has been working to position the city as a shale gas capitol, said any struggles for a business are concerning, but she doesn’t think they’re permanent.

"I think it goes with the cyclical turn in the economy and the lower gas prices and I believe it’ll come back," she [Betsy Price] said.

Chesapeake’s VP of Urban Development Julie Wilson said in an email to CBS11 that the building isn’t listed for sale. She followed by writing "As with any property we own in North Texas — or anywhere else, for that matter — we are always willing to entertain an offer!"[...]{emphasis added}


  1. Aw, you mean we're losing one of our Good Neighbors? So sad.

  2. mean Julie Wilson may be (probably is) looking for a new job soon? Couldn't happen to a nicer person, and I wonder where she will work where she can lie, cheat and steal her way through the work week?

  3. Mayor Price clearly has mixed feelings about it.

  4. I have been predicting this since Chesapeake has been selling off all their Barnett Shale assets to China and elsewhere. The only now act as agent for these holdings and DO NOT NEED a base at the center of the Barnett Shale in Fort Worth any longer. By the way that building is a 125 million plus asset to sell off to off set debt. Adios Fort Worth kiss our hinny now. We sold out to china. Ghee I guess no more Chesapeake Parade of Lights too bad too sad. Will Fort Worth survive. Hell Yes. Celebrate yes. I will dance a happy dance when Julie Wilson is terminated now that she is really no longer needed. That will be the next big news. OH how about Ed Ireland maybe he better look for a new job soon too because the picture is not much brighter for many of the other Gas lords of the Barnett. Ed can you speak Chinese?


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