Monday, June 11, 2012

Fracked Well Goes Wild

Thar She Blows.

Texas Railroad Commission of Texas shows a permit (click here) for a well on the Pate Unit near Cresson, TX.  See the comments here on BlueDaze for a discussion about the well's location.

The Pate Foundation appears to be one of the lessors (mineral owners) on the Pate Unit. The Pate Foundation's philosophy is:
The Pate Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our Mission is to advocate for and develop affordable housing communities, increase the access to four year educational institutions for the lower income communities we serve, effectively enhancing the quality of life for all.


  1. The foundation should consider a small solar installation, maybe a playground, a wind turbine, maybe a few trees to enhance quality of life. Or they could just let the land sit empty. It would be an improvement.
    Shale drilling & fracking

  2. Anonymous at 7:19 PM: Sadly The Pate Foundation isn't located in Texas. Click here. As you can see, it's located in Costa Mesa, California.

    Oh, and they have a Facebook Page, too. Click Here.

    Founded in 2005. Interesting only because that's about the time shale gas drilling and fracking kicked into high gear. One has to wonder about the timing of that.

    We have found other large non-profits located in Texas that have leased their minerals for shale gas development ~ and in very close proximity to neighborhoods, too. It's unbelievable to us based on all we know. :=(

  3. In order for some groups to receive monetary perks, the quality of life for others who live in the extraction zone must suffer.

  4. It's very tragic from so many perspectives. So many churches have leased their minerals with very little consideration given to the health effects and property value impacts for those living nearby. As Christianity tells us, greed has many faces.


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