Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cowboys, Baseball and Gas Drilling ~ Yee Haw!

Truman Drilling Site 
(2 Leaseholds Pooled Units converging  ~Truman and Bobcat ~ totaling 1,020 acres with plans for 14 shale gas wells)

You can certainly find more information about ALL the drilling operations in Arlington, TX by clicking here and visiting Chesapeake's Arlington Neighborhood Center.  It's very user-friendly. We count 35 Chesapeake drilling sites inside the Arlington, TX city limits. Beautiful!

Based on what we've learned, and what we know about shale gas, the FRAC Pond you see in the picture (the pond in the lower left that's holding the brownish-colored water)  ~ this FRAC Pond and the accompanying drilling operations will be a fixture in the core of the Arlington, TX downtown business sector for many years to come.  [Are you reading this Dallas?]

So, bring out the Welcome Wagon.

The Truman has landed!  AMEN.

**Update:  Here's some more detail.  Just in case you aren't sure what you are seeing. We understand how it's hard to know with all of this. It's a very special and unique new neighbor.


  1. What is that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you, Westchester Neighbor, for bringing to light such an important story.

    Let's not forget that in addition to Chesapeake's 35 drill sites inside Arlington's city limits, we have many other operators ~ Carrizo, XTO, Newark, and Edge. You do not have to travel far before running into any one of these grotesque sites.

  2. We had seen the picture on FB from our Arlington neighbor, Kim Feil. Then found out that Chesapeake was proudly displaying it on their web site.

    What's this world coming to...when a picture like this is something a community is supposed to be proud of? Are we in so deep we can't turn back? Just when we think it might be getting better...a picture like this is discovered.

  3. The pipeline is not yet connected and early fall is the best date they can give. The frack date is February 24 and all three wells are scheduled to be fracked in one week-very intensive! No scrubbers are planned to be on the open hatch tanks during flowback in the well clean up stage prior to the Green Completion connection to the separator and pipeline, yet the technologly exists by Vaporpoint. Arlington's ordinance states they should be using emission control devices and that should include the well clean up phase. Contact City Hall to make sure they are doing their job in enforcing the ordinance, thanks for the blog!

    1. Thank you for that update. So, they won't be fracking until next year?

    2. @Kim: Heard your comments tonight during the Arlington, TX City Council Meeting...and you mentioned August 24th as the fracking date. Fracking 3 wells one after the other will definitely be intensive.

      Mr. Ed Ireland, Ph.D bragged during the Dallas City Council Briefing on the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force Recommendations(last week) that the entire operation is over in no time at all. He never even mentioned the multiple wells on one pad site ~ so that statement was extremely misleading.

      Just wish they would not leave out important information about all of it...maybe they can't help themselves.

  4. I did some google searches because I remembered the discontent when the city used eminent domain to grab that land for the stadium.
    Scroll down to see the pictures towards the end here.
    Looks like a war zone, doesn't it. I guess teh city has some experience in treading on people's lives, homes, and neighborhoods.

  5. Oh, my. I had not seen these pictures of the eminent domain takings to build the Cowboys Stadium.

    That is unbelievable. This can't be good for Arlington. So sad. And now, this area of the city is being taken over again by an industry that must have your land, or else.

    Click here to see the pictures in the link above.

    Scrolling down through that web hard to believe that it's Arlington, TX and not a war zone as you so accurately observed. It does go a long way towards explaining how this City Council views the world. :-(

    Thank you for your links and comment.

    1. Did you see the picture of the billboard that said
      Eminent Domain, Stealing What Others Work For
      I sometimes wonder if we should have done more to stop the Cluck-Jones juggernaut. I guess no one thought they were going to come for us next...

  6. What a nightmare! Nice song though.

  7. Glad you like it. :-) Sometimes a nice song helps to ease the agony of defeat. Based on the Arlington, Texas City Council Meeting tonight, it fits the bill. :-(

  8. Arlington prides itself on being the "Prototype" for this type of shameful behavior. Chesapeake is also quite proud of this feat as we noted when they used this picture on a PowerPoint Presentation during a community open house this week.

    See this story about Wichita, Kansas where a decision is pending on drilling for oil beneath the downtown Century II Building:


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